Choose you Mindset and Attitude

MAY 14, 2020

Hi everyone!Thank heavens for spring and thank heavens for nicer weather and the fact that all of you have gotten so creative when it comes to doing our regular things within the new corona life. We’ve been making working from home actually work, (and we’ve even figured out how to do exercise, birthday parties, and “meeting” friends in this new world). Overall, it feels like we’re settling into a new way of being. I know that I am focusing on the upsides here, and yes, of course there are downsides. I don’t want to minimize the anxiety or worries that this virus has brought with it, but I am also looking for the places where we can be grateful. With that said, it’s actually my job to constantly remind you of how powerful and resourceful you are. This week, I am encouraging you to focus on the things that are within your control. Everyone is worried, but we can either choose to spend time shining the spotlight on our worries, or we can choose to be the one to ask, “What can we do?”, “How can we solve this?”. Always focusing on the worst inconveniences of this crisis with friends or colleagues might feel comforting in the moment, but it’s not leadership, and you’re not giving anyone else a sense of inspiration or purpose. Right now, more than ever, you need to be empathetic, but also set an example of courage, forward-thinking, and creativity. There’s a lot about what’s going on that is beyond our control, but your attitude and your mindset are things you can choose, even though it may feel really hard sometimes. As always, I am here for you!

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