Turn your thoughts around – make your mindset a forward force!

Your attitude (almost) completely determines whether or not you will live the kind of life you want to live, and experience satisfaction and success.

An older study done by the Carnegie foundation found that your attitude and the ability to shape your mindset are behind 75-85% of your success! I am convinced that the results still hold true.

It sounds easy, but it’s hard to change your thoughts and your mindset if you’re not really in tune

with what kind of thoughts and mindset you already have. This means that you have to start thinking about what you are thinking! What exactly are the thoughts that are spinning around in your head, and which ones pop up the most? Try to make a really simple analysis over the course of a week (this is where a journal is helpful) and write down what you are thinking about.

Start to become aware of the thoughts you have. As for becoming more aware of your ATTITUDE, it is the way you have decided to think about any given situation. For example, here are two different ways of thinking about a pretty common situation – you present a great idea at work and no one seems to like it.

1. “Of course no one liked my idea, no one ever likes my ideas. The people who work here are undereducated and don’t understand what I am trying to do. And the management should prioritize this issue I have described but they don’t care.”

2. “Maybe I didn’t communicate my message as well as I could have. Or, this is a good company but maybe the management doesn’t value the same things that I do, which is fine. I’m sure there are other places where I could make more of a contribution.”

Can you feel the difference? If your attitude around perceived failure is closer to the second example, you are giving yourself a way forward and upward.

Why is this so important? Because it determines the quality of our LIFE. And I know anyone who is reading this wants to make the best of the life that they have.

Sometimes our attitude shows up in the questions we ask ourselves. For example:

· Why am I not more successful than this?

· Why do these things always happen to me?

· Why don’t I get the results I want even though I am working so hard?

As you can see, there are a lot of “WHY” questions here, and when you hear these thoughts popping into your head, try to let the successful part of your brain wave a little red flag.

Of course, it is fair to allow yourself to feel sad or disappointed about whatever happened, but try to turn the questions into something more powerful:

· What can I do today to feel more successful?

· What is my intention for today?

· How do I want to feel at the end of the day?

· What outcome/process do I want to influence?

Do you feel the difference? Your life is a reflection of how you talk to and with yourself. Your brain is always looking for answers to the questions that you ask, which it is so crucial to ask the right questions. Ask empowering questions that give you energy, direction, self-confidence and show the world your full force!

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