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"Let's go traveling, Malin! "

My grandfather sat in that special armchair, the one we always sat in when we traveled on our imaginary trips. Grandpa had been a sailor at a young age and told the most amazing stories!  


I was completely fascinated and loved to sit there on his lap and be able to go anywhere with the help of my imagination. My hunger to travel and dream was born there in the armchair.


I'm Malin.



I have always loved the feeling of being on my way: anywhere and towards any adventure imaginable.


Being able to take me anywhere has been a central thought throughout my life. Because it is actually only the imagination that sets the limits, not only for where you want to travel, but also for what life you want to live. "Right now" is a very short time, so it is not enough that life is okay, it should be great!


As a child, I wanted to work at an airport for its ability to offer the opportunity to go anywhere. Today, I have found coaching as another way to achieve the same results. My goal is that everyone should feel that it is fun to work and that you can really make any dream come true!


My role model

I had long lacked a female role model. So many talented people in my industry are men that I am admittedly really inspired by, but a woman I can understandably relate to even more.


When the coach Dr. Andrea Pennington was looking for a co-author of one of her books, I submitted my contribution - and was selected! Then I chose, despite chaotic life and a less handy situation to focus on the development of my company and brand, to send a request to Andrea to be my coach. She chose to help me.


This led me to invest in her VIP Global Luminary Academy coaching and mentoring program.

So incredibly valuable with a coach and mentor who has a different background than I do. Andrea helped me see my strengths, pull them forward, create systems and methods, as well as how I would communicate them.


I was also one of the speakers at her international event in Cannes (GLAE = Global Luminary Activation Experience).


I am the co-author of two of her books; Magic & Miracles, 21 Real Life Experiences from the edges of logic and science and The top 10 traits of highly resilient people.

My longing for the world has made me live


1 year in

UK & Australia


2 years in

Houston, Texas, USA


35 years in

Örebro & Gothenburg, Sweden


8 years in

Wassenaar, The Netherlands


1 year in

Copenhagen, Denmark

I am convinced that everyone, at all levels, has an inherent power and potential that is waiting to flourish. 

For me, it's simply all about creating positive thought patterns by taking ant steps - a mindset that lifts you mentally and physically.


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… very much energy, at least if you listen to what others say about me. I give a lot of energy in all my relationships.


To get new energy, I like to spend time in the nature, work out - or work. All those things give me so much!

… been to all continents except South America and Antarctica, so I have to get there sometime!

… a talent for baking buns. I'm great at it! It must be an inheritance from my grandmother and mother.


Nowadays, I mostly bake raw food stuff. Baking gives me an way to work creatively and get to do something with my hands.

… realized that balance in life is very important, in all parts.


I like to go camping, but I also have my Chanel jars with skin care with me. A little feet on the ground and a little luxury.

… an ability to change languages in the middle of sentences after my many years abroad.

I have. . .


Do you want to lead, develop and live the life you dreamed of?

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Audience in Lecture

Right now

For the past five years, I have been the Program Manager for BWP (Business Women Program) at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, as well as mentor in their mentorship program. The pillars of the program reflect my general themes:  

Find your leader identity


Give yourself the opportunity to lead

Create your own well-being


Learn to use your network

Right now I live in both Sweden and Denmark - and work in Europe and the US with leaders, entrepreneurs and groups. Based on my own philosophy, Flow & Flourish, I guide them on the path to a sustainable lifestyle. 

Customers I have worked with
  • Peab AB - Teambuilding and leadership coaching

  • APM terminals - Coach for the company's Career Support Network

  • Volvo IT - Communication training for managers

  • ÅF Sweden AB - Health consulting and behavior change training

  • Gothenburg International Film festival - Teambuilding and individual leadership

  • NN Investment Partners - Female Empowerment Program for Leaders, Teambuilding Training and Executive 1: 1 Coaching

  • Shimano Europe - Executive 1: 1 Coaching

  • Odfjell Terminals USA - Leadership Training

Industries I have worked with
  • Technical advice

  • Travel / tourism

  • Communication

  • Production agencies

  • IT

  • Construction

  • Financial

  • Culture

Certifications and courses
  • NLP, Practitioner, In2Motivation, NL

  • NLP, Master Practitioner, In2Motivation, NL

  • NLP, Provisional Trainer, NLP Academy, UK

  • Fitness & Motivation Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, eif, UK

  • English, Regina Coeli, NL

  • Business Coach, ICC, Coach partners

  • International Coach, ICC, Coach partners

  • Certified in Person analysis tool, Extended DISC

  • UGL (Development, Team, Leader)

  • Dale Carnegie's Program, The Dale Carnegie Course, High Impact Presentations, Leadership Training for Managers and Sales Advantage

  • Certified in Intuitive Healing Methods by Intuitive Sabrina Inc. 

  • Stress & wellness therapist, Hälsoakademin Europa, 2008-2009

  • Key Account Management, IHM Business School, 2000-2001

  • Sports Science, 20 p, College Örebro, 1993

  • Athlteic High School, Economic, Duveholmsskolan, 1986-1989

Working life and entrepreneurship
  • Stronger Every Day 365, Co-owner / Personal Fitness Trainer, 2014-2016

  • MH Leadership, Owner / Coach / Personal Fitness Trainer, 2009 - present

  • Highlights AB, Coach, 2006-2009

  • Proffice AB, Recruiter, 2005-2006

  • Dale Carnegie Sweden, Instructor / Coach / Trainer, 1995-2004

  • SATS, Group Fitness Instructor, 1996-2003

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