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Boost your energy in groups with like-minded people.

Develop individually

Control your mindset

Appreciate your value

Create long-term relationships

Tear down your obstacles
​ •
Increase your energy


Find your FLOW every day

Create a life where you enjoy all parts of it. As often as possible.

Participate in my Mastermind Program "Accelerate Your Flow".


  • Professional guiding

  • Coaching

  • Support

  • Tools 

Find and create your flow both at work and in your private life. And see why it has such a big effect on your accomplishments. 

Sustainable self-development


Brainstorming and goal setting

Find your inner potential and challenge each other to set attractive goals.


Guidance and tools

Practical exercises with direct results and tools that ensure sustainable development.


Report your progress and get support

With inspiration, support and the right questions, you will be challenged to achieve your goals

Share your ups and downs, setbacks and challenges on your journey towards a better work-life balance. 

How it works

How is my mastermind coaching set up?

In a group of 4-6 people with like-minded female leaders, I coach and guide the group. You get a unique opportunity for a fellowship where we help each other grow both professionally and privately.


My mastermind groups combine personal coaching with effective group dynamics. You reach further and achieve more than  

you would have done on your own. 

"Malin stopped and challenged when she saw that it was needed."

What can you expect of a group meeting?

Forward-looking exercises

Inspirational lecturer

The hot seat

Long-term networking




 Hello! I am  Malin

I am an Executive Coach with many years of international experience of leading mastermind groups and coaching individuals.  


I believe that everyone has the potential to flourish, which is the basis of my own philosophy Flow & Flourish. It guides me in everything I do.  

Thanks to my philosophy, many leaders and entrepreneurs have reached unexpected heights and created their dream life with prosperity and satisfaction as a result.  

I love planting a seed and creating change, to make a difference in people's lives.

Book a free 30-minute call
and find out more

Discover if this is something for you and tell me about your current situation, your ambitions for the future and your challenges.

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