Conscious coaching that changes your life.

Rituals, attitudes and action

Coaching individually or in groups  for leaders, groups and entrepreneurs who want to increase their self-esteem.


Successful leadership
- by yourself and others

Maybe you feel exhausted, stressed and lacking in energy. Not sure which direction your work and life should take. Maybe you feel both physically and mentally ill, probably because you do not take care of yourself.

With my philosophy Flow & Flourish for leaders, I break the downward spiral. Through a tailor-made program and individual problem solving, you get help to identify and resolve barriers, discover and release your inner strength and make yourself a leader and person who is your true self - at work and in private.

Leadership for me is to inspire others and lead oneself.

When I coach you as a leader ...

... I focus on breaking negative patterns

... I adapt it to your own needs

... you get help to identify obstacles to your success

... I guide you to become your best self - both as a leader and as a private person 


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Unleash competence, joy and power in the group

Does the group not reach all the way despite commitment, determination and focus on results? Maybe the communication could be better and the goal picture clearer? Is the follow-up and feedback missing? In addition, is there often internal competition and misunderstanding when the group does not know each other so well?

With Flow & Flourish for groups, negative is changed to positive. Tailor-made plans, problem solving and team development means that competence and strength are released, that you pull in the same direction and focus on the task with joy - as individuals and as a group.

When I coach the group ...

... you benefit from the group's skills and dynamics

... it happens in the form of mastermind

... I mix managers with similar challenges from different industries to gain perspective 

... you experience released inspiration, power and joy in solving problems together 


Be more satisfied and
lively as an entrepreneur

Maybe you have many strings to your bow that make you unstructured, stressed, feel a lack of energy and a poor self-confidence. Health may give way to assignments, projects and meetings. The power and joy may even begin to disappear.  

My philosophy Flow & Flourish gives the entrepreneur the necessary guidance, encouragement and the support needed to release power, structure and energy in entrepreneurship.

When I coach you as an entrepreneur ...

... I focus on you as an individual

... I guide you to a structured working life where health and well-being have a place on the agenda

... we work with your personal development that enables a smarter use of time 

... you will have an independent sounding board that moves you forward 


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Discover if this is something for you and tell me about your current situation, your challenges and ambitions.